23.6.5. Importing TrackTime

This feature allows users to import time tracked via other applications (e.g., Issue Tracker, Tasks, Contact Manager, etc.) to the OfficeClip Timesheet. Tracked Time can be imported either to an existing timesheet or to a new timesheet.

To Import TrackTime:

  1. Click HRM > Timesheet > Import TrackTime.

  1. Set Search Parameters: Select the application and the starting period of the timesheet and then click on the Search button.

  2. Select TrackTime Entries: In this section, checkmark the time to be included on the timesheet. If the entire time is not billable, the billable time can be adjusted.

  1. Select Timesheet Details: Customers, Projects and Service Items can be selected here. These values will be used to enter the tracked time in the timesheet. If there are multiple projects or service items where time needs to be tracked, they will need to be entered separately.

  2. The Include only billable time checkbox should be checked if only billable time should be put on the timesheet. The Include the Details checkbox should be checked if the full detail of each item should be put on the timesheet.

  3. Select Timesheet: This section gives an option to create a new timesheet or add the tracked time to an existing timesheet and, finally, click Import to Timesheet.