23.7.2. Setting up the Timesheet Profiles

The Timesheet application allows you to set up various timesheet properties according to the requirements:

To modify various items within the timesheets:

  1. Click HRM > Timesheet > Admin > Profiles.

Select the options according to your preference from the specified drop-down lists for the following characteristics:




No. of Rows in Timesheet

The number of rows that are shown in the timesheet

Show Rows and Columns totals

Whenever a time is entered, rows and column totals are automatically calculated and displayed

Timesheet Header

Shows at the top of the timesheet

Timesheet Footer

Shows at the bottom of the timesheet


Allow users to approve their own timesheet

If set to manual workflow, users will be able to approve their own timesheet

Show detail link on weekly timesheet

An option to show the detail hyperlink on the weekly timesheet

Detail notes length

The number of characters that you can enter in the details link of each item

Allow external file upload

An option to allow file or image attachment on the weekly timesheet

Show Payroll Column

Displayed on the new timesheet screen

Show History

Displayed on timesheet edit screen

Remember Previous Timesheet

Allows customer, projects, service items etc. to be transferred from the previous week timesheet. This helps quickly filling in the timesheet if employee works on same projects for many weeks.


Timesheet Start Day

The day which appears on the first column of a weekly timesheet

Select Time Format

The time format applied in the time entry screens

Number of forward periods

The number of starting dates a user will be able to choose to create a new timesheet

Number of backward periods

The number of starting dates a user will be able to choose to create a new timesheet

Enable Bulk Approve

Allows timesheets to be approved in bulk by supervisor

Enable Auto Approve

Allows some timesheets to be approved automatically without going through normal approval process

Allow Proxy Data Entry

Allows administrators to enter timesheets on behalf of others.

Timesheet Submission Notification

Allows automated notifications to be sent when the users have not created the timesheet on time.

Allow Duplicate Timesheets

Allows duplicate timesheets to be created for the same period


Enable DCAA Mode

Users will be forced to add comments for each edit; all timesheet history will be recorded

Relaxation for Timesheet Entry

Relaxes the restriction that users will need to complete the timesheet on the same working day. Administrators can select how many days relaxation would be allowed

  1. Click Save when finished, Cancel to exit without saving, or Save & Next to save and move to the next section of Admin.