23.7. Timesheet Administration

The timesheets must be configured effectively for users to use them successfully. Administration features allow the administrator to customize the timesheet in order to better manage projects. Administering the Timesheet application includes tasks such as setting up the system for the users, setting up customer accounts and projects, creating users and allocating them to projects. It also enables customizing the timesheets for users based on the payroll categories. These tasks are described below in detail.

23.7.1. Creating Aliases

If you do not want accounts, projects, and service items to display their original names, you can create aliases for them. The accounts, projects and service items will then be referred to by these aliases in all OfficeClip applications.

To create Aliases:

  • Click HRM > Timesheet > Admin > Aliases.

  • Type aliases in the fields you want to change and click Save.