24.2. Using Time Off

This section describes how to use the Time Off application effectively

Click on the Time Off application under the HRM link.

The My Request screen shows all the requested time off. View the history of all the time off requests, including approvals, by clicking on the History link on the right.

24.2.1. Requesting a New Time Off

To request a new time off, click on the New Request link on the top button bar. This screen allows you to enter the details associated with the creation of the time off. The following fields are used in all time off requests:

  • Category - Select from a category that is set by your administrator. Typical categories are Vacations, Sick Leaves, etc. When you select the category for time off you will also be shown your balance (if any).

  • Start Date - Select the date that you want to start your time off

  • End Date - Select the date that you want to end the time off

  • Description - Specify a detailed description for your time off. The description given here will be shown to your approver and in the calendar (if enabled).

  • Request for - You can select Full Day or Hourly here. Select Full Day if you need the whole day off. Select Hourly if you need a part of the day off. In the Hours Per Day field, specify the number of hours you need off.

When a Time Off is requested, your approver is sent an email and your request status shows as Pending. If the approver approves it, you receive an email and the status of your request changes to Approved. If the approver rejects the time off, it shows as Rejected. After a time off request is approved, you can request cancellation by clicking on the Cancel Request button.