24.3.2. Category & Accruals


Time off categories can be used to request time off, and time off can be charged against each category.

To access categories, click on the Time Off application, then click on the Admin link at the top and, finally, click on the Category and Accruals link at the top.

The following fields are captured per category:

After entering the final description, click Save.


This feature allows calculation of Time Off accruals over a period of time. Each organization has different accrual rules for various types of time off such as vacations, family leave, etc. In addition, accrual rules may change based on other factors, such as seniority.

The following fields are captured for accruals: Set User Accruals

Each employee can have a different accrual setting for each category. For example, a senior manager may have a different vacation accrual than the newly hired employee.

To set accruals for each category:

  • Click Timeoff > Admin > Category & Accrual.

Select the appropriate category, scroll down to the accrual section and click the Set User Accruals button.

  • In the Actions column, click the Edit button or Add Accrual Policy button at the top.

  • By default, all users are set to No Accrual Policy. This means that even though the accruals are defined, none of the existing users have the accrual set. History

The history screen gives the details of all the Time Off calculated for a particular category. Administrators can easily understand the calculated accrual balance for a particular user. Availability

When calculating time off, it is important to consider the entire history of a particular category. Often, the OfficeClip Time Off application replaces an existing application and the history is not migrated. This creates inconsistencies which may result in incorrect result.

To avoid this, OfficeClip allows administrators to enter hours available at a particular point in time. All OfficeClip Time Off calculations are from that point of time.

To set the availability, click on a category and then click on the Availability button. On the new screen, click on the Set Availability button. Adjustments

Adjustments are designed to take care of events that do not fall under normal accrual patterns. For example, a company can decide to give some employees additional sick leave. These unforeseen events can easily be managed by adding these times as adjustments to the Time Off for a particular category.

To enter adjustments, click on a category and then click on the Adjustments button. This screen shows the last adjustments for all users. On this screen, click on a user to go to the adjustments screen.