22.2.2. Creating Tasks

Users can create tasks, give the task a subject, enter a due date, assign tasks to other users, send them an email notification, add attachments and add a recurrence if the task needs to be performed frequently. Users can also link tasks with a corresponding account, contact or opportunity by using the Regarding field. This allows the person doing the task to see who he is doing the task for and view information about the contact, such as company, address, phone number, etc.

To create a new task:

  1. Click New Task on the button bar within Tasks.

  1. Fill in the required sections to create the new task. A Start Date, Due Date, and Completed Date can be added. Users can also fill in the task's type, priority, and regarding fields. The task subject field is mandatory.

  2. If the task is tied to an account, contact, or opportunity, select the corresponding entity within the Regarding field, then click on the Select button that appears to the right of the Regarding field after making a selection of the object (an account, a contact, or an opportunity).

  1. Tasks can be assigned a Recurrence in which the due date is set to each occurrence of the task.

  1. You can change the ownership of the task by selecting the member from the drop-down list.

  2. Task can be assigned to more than one member from the list.

  3. You can check the box in Additional Options if it is a Private task.

  4. Attach documents to a task by clicking the Edit Attachment link. This will bring up a new pop-up. A document can be attached to the task by browsing to the file, clicking the Upload button, and then clicking Finished.

  5. When the fields are filled in, click Create to create the task or click Cancel to not create the task and exit the screen.

  6. The most recent tasks created are displayed in the main Task screen.

[Note] Note

In the main Task List screen you can mark tasks as complete by selecting the tasks and pressing the Complete button. To delete tasks, select the tasks and click the Delete button.