Chapter 20. Opportunities

Table of Contents

20.1. Overview
20.2. Understanding OfficeClip Opportunities
20.3. Using Opportunities
20.3.1. Creating a New Opportunity
20.3.2. Bulk Options
20.3.3. Opportunity List
20.3.4. Editing Opportunities
20.3.5. Viewing Opportunity Details Tools Menu New Menu
20.3.6. Using Related Information Notes Activities Documents
20.3.7. Contact Roles
20.3.8. Competitor
20.3.9. Export Opportunities
20.3.10. Print
20.3.11. Opportunity Tags
20.3.12. Permission and Ownership of Opportunities Permission of Opportunities Ownership of Opportunities
20.3.13. Searching and Filtering Opportunities Search and Sort Filters
20.3.14. Reports Category : Opportunities Category: Organization Category: Project Creating Reports Viewing Reports Scheduled Reports Shared Reports
20.3.15. Import/Export Opportunities Importing Opportunities Exporting Opportunities
20.4. Opportunities Administration
20.4.1. Icons
20.4.2. Fixed Fields Configuring List Fields
20.4.3. Custom Fields
20.4.4. Related Info
20.4.5. Rules Access Rules
20.4.6. Customize Screen
20.4.7. Relations
20.4.8. Contact Role

20.1. Overview

The Opportunities application enables an organization to efficiently manage, update and track the progress of their opportunities. Opportunities can be modified as they change and turn into actual sales for the company. Potential revenue and probabilities can be assigned to each opportunity, and the opportunities are also tied to OfficeClip Accounts to better provide easy and accurate management.