5.3.3. Users

This section relates to managing the people within an organization and gives the administrator access to change and update a user's information, to reset a password for a user, and to add or remove a user from an organization. User Details

In this section, the administrator can change a user's personal information, such as address and phone number.

To modify user information:

Click Settings > Organization Settings > User Details (under Users).

  1. Fill in the fields as necessary.

  2. Click Save when finished. Reset Password

If an organization user needs a new password, the administrator can easily assign one in this section. OfficeClip can automatically create a new password and send it via email to the selected user, or the administrator can set the password manually and choose whether or not to have the new password emailed to the user.

To reset a user's password:

Click Settings > Organization Settings > Reset Password (under Users).

  1. Choose a user from the Select User drop-down menu.

  2. Click the radio button to Automatically create password and email to user or, to set the password manually, click the radio button next to Password and enter your own password for the selected user.

  3. The box is checked by default to email the new, manually created password to the user. If you do not want to email the new password, uncheck the box.

  4. When finished, press Reset. Add or Remove User from Organization

This screen allows the administrator to add a new user to an organization or remove an existing user from the organization. When creating a new user, the administrator can also create a password for the new user, either manually or automatically. When removing users, the administrators can click the icon, which removes the user and sends him an email alert that he has been removed. Alternatively the administrator can click the icon, which removes the user and does not send an email alert.

To add or remove a user:

  1. Click Settings > Organization Settings > Add/Remove (under Users).

  2. The fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

  3. Either new users or existing users can be added. To add new users, enter the details in the fields.

  1. Select whether to Automatically create password and email to user or to Set password manually by clicking the appropriate radio button. You can also email the new password to the user by checking or unchecking the box.

  2. Click Add when finished.

  1. To remove current users, beside the user's name click either the icon to delete a current user and send an email notification or the icon to remove the user without notification.

[Note] Note

The last administrator cannot be removed from the organization. There must always be at least one administrator in an organization.