Chapter 5. OfficeClip Settings

Table of Contents

5.1. Overview
5.2. Entire Site
5.2.1. Information Regional Settings Site Labels Holidays Login Ids Options
5.2.2. Presentation Header Login Screen Email Templates
5.2.3. Privileges Site Administrator Remove Users Site Applications SQL Server Login
5.2.4. License Show License Information Renew License Information Request New License Download Latest Patches Apply License Information
5.3. Organization Settings
5.3.1. Icons
5.3.2. Privileges What are Roles Manage Roles Organization Administrators Role Privileges Organization Applications Access Defaults
5.3.3. Users User Details Reset Password Add or Remove User from Organization
5.3.4. Organization Create New Organization Remove Organization Rename Organization Time zone & Custom Fields Manage Divisions Managing Department
5.3.5. Extranet Administration
5.4. My Profile
5.4.1. Change Password
5.4.2. Personal Preferences
5.4.3. Manage Personal Detail Configuring the Pay Period
5.4.4. Skin

5.1. Overview

The OfficeClip Setup application provides the capabilities for setting up various components to manage OfficeClip suite. It includes site management, organization management, and personal profile. It can be accessed by clicking on the Settings toolbar icon from within any OfficeClip screen. Different parts of the setup menus are shown to each user, depending on the privileges of the user.

There are two types of administrators in OfficeClip:

  • Site Managers - A site is like an umbrella over all organizations. Users with this privilege will have access to the Site Management functions of the OfficeClip Setup. They will be able to set up site privileges, site applications, templates, letterheads etc. They will also be able to manage OfficeClip licenses.

  • Organization Administrators - A single installation of OfficeClip can support multiple organizations. Each organization can be independent of any other organization in the sense that they do not have any shared data and other resources. Users with this privilege have access to the Organization Management functions of the OfficeClip Setup.

A site manager, by default, does not have access to the organization administration under the Organization Management section of the Settings. Similarly, an organization administrator, by default, does not have access to the site administration functions that are available under the Site Management section of the Settings.

Settings in OfficeClip consist of three main sections:

  1. Entire Site - This section allows setting and changing site wide Privileges, Presentation, Information, and License.

  2. Organization Settings - This section allows setting and changing information for current Organization, Users, Privileges, and Extranet Administration.

  3. My Profile - This section allows changing of personal preferences such as Password, Personal Details, and Menu Preferences.