5.2.3. Privileges

This section allows site managers to change the permissions and privileges of users across the entire site. Once this is done, the Organization Administrators can fine-tune the privileges for their own organization.

From here you can manage the security of the site by setting users and administrators. An organization can have multiple Site Administrators and multiple Organization Administrators, depending on your company's needs. Site Administrator

By clicking here, you can see a list of available users who are Site Managers. You can click grant or revoke icons to give the user these privileges or remove them. When the site manager privilege is available to a user, they see the Site Management section on the Setup screen and are able to edit and modify site information.

To grant or revoke administrators and users from your site:

  1. Click Settings > Entire Site > Site Administrator (under Privileges).

  1. Click the icon to the left of the user's name to Grant or Revoke as necessary with relevant administrators. Remove Users

Since a user may be a member of many organizations, it is useful to have a feature that can remove him/her from all organizations at once if necessary; for instance, when an employee leaves the company. In this section, the users are listed along with the organizations of which they are users and how many times they have logged in. Using this screen, the user can be removed from all organizations of which he/she is a user. This action does not remove shared data of the user, which is kept in the OfficeClip database permanently. When a user is removed, another user can be added to the same OfficeClip license.

To remove Site Users from your site:

  1. Click Settings > Entire Site > Remove Users (under Privileges).

  1. To remove, click Remove Site Users. Click the delete icon beside relevant users as necessary.

  2. When you have completed all your changes, click Finished. Site Applications

This section allows the site-wide control of OfficeClip applications. It also has a link to let OfficeClip engineers do a remote login and make database changes.

The Site Manager can manage which applications the site users will be able to access. Removing unnecessary applications reduces clutter on the users' screen so they can easily find applications that are in use.

  1. Click Settings > Entire Site > Site Applications (under Privileges).

  1. Check the boxes beside the application you want to show and click Save when finished.

[Caution] Caution

Once removed, applications will not be available in any organizations. SQL Server Login

The purpose of this screen is to allow OfficeClip engineers to fix a problem within the customer's database. The engineer will gain access to the database by utilizing a double-key system. The Site Manager of the company logs in with his or her own password -the first key- and give the OfficeClip engineer access to this screen. The OfficeClip engineer will put in his or her own password -the second key- to continue. This provides an added level of security for the system.

To log in to the OfficeClip SQL server:

  1. Click Settings > Entire Site > Sql Server Login (under Privileges).

  1. Enter the password and click Login.

[Note] Note

OfficeClip does not usually provide the password for these screens to its customers unless it is requested separately from the support team. Note that changing the OfficeClip database in an inconsistent manner may damage the database beyond repair and may also void the support contract with OfficeClip.