5.2. Entire Site

This section is separated into four categories for ease of management:

To access this screen:

Click Settings > Entire Site.

5.2.1. Information

This section contains links that allow you to manage settings related to the information for the entire site. Regional Settings

The Site Manager can set the date and time format to match what is used in his or her geographical area. This information is used in OfficeClip to represent time and date throughout the site. OfficeClip provides three types of date and time formats:

Short Date & Time Format - is used mainly for screens where the user inputs the date and time manually (or via a calendar interface).

Medium Date & Time Format - is used where date and time are displayed in lists.

Long Date & Time Format - is used for reports and at the top of the OfficeClip toolbar.

To change regional settings:

  1. Click Settings > Entire Site > Regional Settings (under Information).

  2. After clicking the link, the user can set the date and time format by selecting it from the drop-down menus.

  3. Once the preferred formats have been selected, click Update. Site Labels

Site classifications deal with objects in OfficeClip such as a vacation, seminar, client or meeting. Currently site classification is only implemented in the OfficeClip Calendar application. The Site Manager can set up various classifications for the objects that appear on the calendar. For example, the Site Manager can set the site classifications for a meeting to be the color yellow, and so whenever a meeting is set on the calendar, it appears in a yellow background.

To Manage Site Classifications:

  1. Click Settings > Entire Site > Site Labels (under Information).

  1. An array of classifications is available with a choice of colors.

    1. To create a new label, click on the icon next to Create New Label.

    2. The delete icon helps to delete any classification that is not required. Simply click the icon on the desired row. If you want to delete, click OK, or to exit click Cancel.

  2. Click Save when complete. The newly revised template will be saved. Holidays

Site holidays, once set by the Site Manager, will apply throughout the site and will be useful in various applications, such as Calendar, and Timesheet and Expense. The site holidays can be set for your country from a selection of different countries. A holiday displays in the application with a different background color.

To set up the Site Holidays:

  1. Click Settings > Entire Site > Holidays (under Information).

  1. Select a country and a year from the drop-down menus.

  2. To add a holiday, click the Add Holiday link at the top of the list. Click the edit icon or delete icon from the Actions column to edit or delete a holiday from the list.

  3. When your information is in place, press the Save button.

[Caution] Caution

The system comes pre-populated with known holidays in different countries. Once you have selected the country and the year, you can change them to suit your site policy. However, if the country or date drop-down is changed after this, all the changes made previously will be lost. Login Ids

This option allows site managers to set a login Id for each OfficeClip user. This is required if OfficeClip is used in conjunction with any LDAP server (e.g., Windows Active Directory). Each OfficeClip email address can be associated with a unique login Id, making it easy for users to login with their own Id. When OfficeClip is being used in an Active Directory environment, the user can log in to OfficeClip with the same password as he or she does to log in to Windows. The user then has to remember only one password. In order to use this feature, the Site Manager must put in the password of each user.

To update the login IDs:

  1. Click Settings > Entire Site > Login Ids (under Information)

  2. Enter the appropriate login Id for the users in the list shown and, when finished, press Save. Options

This section provides some general settings that can be used with OfficeClip:

  • Hide Quick Help: Allows site administrators to hide the quick help at the top of many OfficeClip screens. The quick help provides online videos to help new users navigate through various features of OfficeClip. These can be closed or opened individually by the user.

  • Restrict Mobile Auto Login: When this option is checked, Mobile users must enter the login and password to access OfficeClip from a smart device. By default, this is unchecked, allowing users to create a mobile link that will allow them directly to access OfficeClip.

  • Site Skin: OfficeClip implements many skins that not only change the font and color, but provide an entirely new look and feel to OfficeClip. Site administrators can change the default skin.

  • Allow Skin change: If checked, site users are unable to change their skins and the skin will be set to what the site administrator chose from the previous option.

To set up mobile login:

  1. Click Settings > Entire Site > Options (under Information).

  1. Check the box and click Save to allow mobile login.