5.2.2. Presentation

This section contains links that allow modification of the look and feel of the entire site. Header

Note: This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of OfficeClip.

The Site Header Setup feature allows the Site Manager to place the company's own header on all the OfficeClip screens, replacing the OfficeClip header.

To set up the header:

  1. Click Settings > Entire Site > Header (under Presentation).

  1. There are two options to set the header:

    1. You can upload a logo: To upload a logo click on the Browse button, choose a file that is on your computer and click on the Upload button.

    2. You can edit the HTML that shows up as a header.

      • Click Design link to go to the HTML editor; here you can change the header using the design view or source (HTML) view.

      • Click Reset to go back to the default header.

[Tip] Tip

If there are images embedded in the HTML code you are using, those images should be hosted on an external site and then the image URL should be put into the HTML code. Login Screen

Note: This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of OfficeClip

The login screen in OfficeClip can be formatted with an HTML header to personalize it with your company's information, logo, etc. The Site Manager can change not only the header, but can also put a HTML message box in the right hand side area of the screen for the users. The message box area could be used for information pertaining to the site. For example, use the message box to let users know when the site will be undergoing maintenance, such as backups and other housekeeping.

To access the Login Screen Setup:

Click Settings > Entire Site > Login Screen (under Presentation).

  1. There are four sections on the screen: Login Header, Administrator Message-1, Administrator Message-2, Administrator Message-3 and Login Footer.

  2. To change each section do the following:

    1. Click on the Edit link at the bottom of the respective section.

    2. On the WYSIWYG editor that comes up, make changes, or if you have HTML code you can click on the HTML tag at the bottom and paste the code.

    3. Click on Save.

  3. Again, click on Save on the Login Screen Setup.

  4. To reset the section to the default value click on the Reset button at the bottom of the section. Email Templates

This feature gives the Site Manager control to create templates for messages that are sent out from OfficeClip. If a calendar event is updated, for example, the template will enable an email to be sent to all users that are associated with the particular event.

There are many templates already available in OfficeClip. The Site Manager can change the look and feel of any of the templates that are currently in the site. HTML code can be used to write a new template or to change an existing template. An HTML editor is provided with OfficeClip for this purpose.

In the email template, you can select entities and attributes, which can be copied to the body of the template text. The entities and attributes are replaced with the actual information when the emails are sent out.

To edit email templates:

  1. Click Settings > Entire Site > Email Templates (under Presentation).

  1. An array of templates is available. From here, simply select the desired template. To preview a template instead of editing, click Preview.

  2. You may modify the template description, letterhead, and mode. To modify, click on the template that you want to modify.

  3. Click Save when complete. The newly revised template will be saved in the main template screen.