18.4.4. Searching and Filtering Issues

This feature allows you to search for issues by typing in a keyword and selecting a field, such as Description. For example, you could search the Description field for the word slow and all issues with this criterion would show up in the list. This is helpful for finding issues that may be related to a certain project, time period, user, etc. without having to manually read through the entire issue list. Search Issues

  1. Click on Issues to view Binders.

  2. Click on a binder name to view the Issue List.

  3. To search issues, type the applicable words into the Search for text box and select a field from the Any Field drop-down list.

  4. Click Go. The search results will be displayed.

[Note] Note

The search result can be cancelled by clicking on the Cancel button. Sorting Columns

  • You can also sort the issues from the Sort By column at the top right corner of the issue list.

  • A drop-down list will appear. You can sort the issues by created date, modified date, status, assigned to, etc. Filters

Users can create filters to better customize their searches. Filters allow the user to specify many criteria and save them for future use. You can also remove filters when you no longer need them.

  1. To create a filter, click New Filter.

  1. Click Set Filter.

  1. Select conditions to create the filter.

    1. In the filter condition you can select Is, Is Not or Has. If Has condition is selected the drop-down box on the right expands to a list box. Using the keyboard Ctrl button selects more than one value.

    2. Click Save when finished.

  2. If you have specified all the information you want to enter, click Search. However, if you want to save the search criterion, type the filter name in the text box and click Save & Search.