18.4. Using Issue Tracker

18.4.1. Creating Issues

Note: The Document Attachment feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of OfficeClip.

All issues have a field called Title that is used to provide a short description of the issue. In addition, issues have fields such as category, status, description, and so forth to help further explain the issue. For example, an issue can be tracked with High criticality and Open status, meaning in general that the issue is very important and has not yet been acted upon.

[Note] Note

The drop-down lists for various fields can be customized to have different meanings depending on the type of organization.

Issues can be assigned to certain users and rules can be set to have an email sent to them; notifying them that a new issue has been created and assigned to them. Users can also give details about the resolution of the issue in the Resolution text box, type any additional information in the Comments text box, and write a note by clicking the New Note link. Users can also edit issues; each edit creates a history log to record progress on an issue accurately.

To create new issues:

  1. First, select the binder where an issue is to be created.

  2. Inside the binder click New Issue.

  1. Fill in the fields as applicable to your issue. (See the field explanations below).

  2. Click Save when finished or press Cancel to exit the screen without saving any of the information.

The following fields are presented to the user while entering issues:


Give the issue a title


Write in the details of the issue. To add limited formatting (like bold, lists etc.) click on the vertical bar on the right of the text box.


Allows you to categorize an issue in ways that fit your needs


Select the state the issue is in from this list


Assign a level of importance to the issue


Select what type of issue you have

Assigned To

Selects the person who will work with the issue


If checked, the issue is archived and will not show in the case list screen. To see the Archived issues, select -Archived Cases— within the filter in the case list screen.


Choose if this issue is linked with another object like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities or Projects etc.


Write details about the how the issue was resolved. To add limited formatting (like bold, lists etc.) click on the vertical bar on the right of the text box.


Additional details, commentary, etc. about the issue can be written here. To add limited formatting (like bold, lists etc.) click on the vertical bar on the right of the text box.


Outside documents can be attached to the issue by clicking the Edit Attachments link.

Send Email

Send the issue to anyone by typing in their email address

[Note] Note

The field names can be changed by the administrator, who can also add an unlimited number of user-defined fields.

[Important] Important

The required fields are shown with an asterisk (*) in front of them. These fields must be filled in for the issue to be saved.