18.6.5. Options

The Options configuration screen enables administrators to manage the fields displayed on the Issue List screen. From here, the administrator can configure the main list screen.

  1. Click Issue Tracker > Binder > Admin > Options or from the Issue Tracker, click the icon for a binder. Click Options on the button bar of the Admin menu.

  1. All issues are assigned a number and the administrator can set the Prefix for the issues as either the user's initials or a fixed 3-letter ID.

  2. The administrator can choose the number of issues to be displayed per page by choosing from the drop-down list and also select which fixed fields and which user-defined fields will be displayed on the Issue List screen.

  3. To associate tracking about the issues for the extranet users, you can add the web link and click Add New Share.

  4. Click Save & Nextto save information and continue to the next section.

  5. Simply click Save if you have completed all admin option configurations.