18.6.3. Custom Fields

A main Issue Tracker feature, the ability to add custom fields enables users to manage more specific issues items than the fixed fields provide. In addition, these Custom Fields (UDFs) can be used in contact reports and filters defined by the user.

  1. Click Issue Tracker >Admin > Custom fields.

  2. By default, no custom fields are defined for an organization. In order to add customfields, click the Add Custom Field button on the screen.

  1. Type in the Display Name you wish to appear in the textbox, and then choose the Field Type from the drop-down list.

  2. If you wish to make certain fields mandatory when information is entered either for a new issue or an existing issue, check the field in the Mandatory column. The fields will appear with an asterisk (*) next to them in the issue list screen.

  3. You may wish to make certain fields editable by only certain roles in your group. By checking the Administrator Edit box, administrators will be granted edit privileges.

  4. Click Add when finished, or press Cancel to return to the main Custom Fields screen without adding the new Custom Field.