18.5. General Concepts

18.5.1. Custom Fields

A main Issue Tracker feature, the ability to add custom fields, enables users to manage more specific issue details than the fixed fields provide. In addition, these fields can be used in issue reports and filters defined by the user, and appear in the bottom part of the New Issue screen.

Many field types are available and each field type has a different functionality. They are described in more detail in the following list:


This provides a drop-down list for the user. List field types must be configured by an administrator by adding list values to the list (see Configuring List Fields).


A date field shows up with a calendar icon. It can be clicked to select a date to insert into the field. Dates can also be added manually to the field using the "mm/dd/yyyy" format. Date fields are validated to ensure that a valid date is entered.


A number-only field that can hold decimal places.


A text field that can contain up to 30 characters.


A number-only field. This field is validated upon saving to ensure that only a numeric value is added.


A text field in which an email address is typed. It is validated to ensure that an email address is entered.


A Boolean field is displayed with a checkbox. It is a "yes/no" field.


A drop-down list that contains the current OfficeClip organization users.