18.5.3. Email Capture

The Email Capture feature enables OfficeClip to capture issues from emails. This is useful in situations when you want to capture customer or partner issues that cannot be entered into OfficeClip directly. In such cases, OfficeClip administrators can assign an email address to a binder and provide that email address to anyone who wishes to submit issues via email.

The steps below explain how Email Capture works in Issue Tracker:

  1. The OfficeClip administrator sets up an email account (POP account; this information can be viewed from MS Outlook or another POP compatible email viewer) on his/her mail server.

  2. The administrator can set the Project Defaults, which are the fields that are automatically filled in when an email containing an issue is received.

  3. OfficeClip users can send an email to all customers who want to send their issues via email.

  4. The Issue Tracker checks the mailbox periodically, capturing the information from the emails and then entering them as issues in the Issue List, based on the administrator's settings.