Chapter 17. Invoices

Table of Contents

17.1. Overview
17.2. Understanding OfficeClip Invoices
17.3. Using Invoices
17.3.1. Creating a New Invoice Invoice Fields Invoice Items Recurring Invoice
17.3.2. Invoice List
17.3.3. Viewing an Invoice Editing Invoices Email Invoice Accept Payment Void Invoice Delete Invoice Archiving Invoice
17.3.4. Billing
17.3.5. Buyer Invoice Portal
17.4. Invoice Administration
17.4.1. Profile
17.4.2. Taxes
17.4.3. Terms
17.4.4. Payment Gateways
17.4.5. Template
17.4.6. Items

17.1. Overview

OfficeClip Invoices allows companies to create and send invoices to its customers. When the invoice is created, an email is sent to the customer. Customers can pay for the invoices online via credit card or PayPal, or by sending regular checks. The Invoices application supports the creation of recurring and nonrecurring invoices.