Chapter 4. Getting Started

Table of Contents

4.1. Logging on to OfficeClip
4.2. OfficeClip Interface

To start using the features of the application, the user must log in to OfficeClip.

4.1. Logging on to OfficeClip

Log on to the OfficeClip home page, through this url:

If you have installed OfficeClip on your server, this url will be different. Your site administrator can also customize this url. Please contact your site administrator for the correct login url.

The login page is displayed.

  1. Type a valid username in the Username field.

  2. Type the password in the Password field.

    • The user can select the Save my Login id on this machine option for the machine to remember your id.

    • The user can also select the Open OfficeClip in a new window (suppress browser buttons) option.

  3. Click the Login button to enter the application.