Chapter 3. General concepts

Table of Contents

3.1. Tags
3.1.1. Creating Tags
3.2. Reports
3.2.1. Creating New Report General Information Select Fields Configure Fields Select Groups Select Filters Filter Permissions
3.2.2. Editing Reports
3.2.3. Sharing Reports
3.2.4. Scheduling Reports
3.2.5. Report Permission

3.1. Tags

Tags are free-form labels that can be linked with any objects (e.g., Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Campaigns, etc.). Tags are an important feature of many Web 2.0 services. Many websites and blogs use tags for easy article labeling and efficient searching.

OfficeClip implements a hierarchical tagging for its objects. Tag Groups are used to group similar tags. These groups provide structure to the otherwise free-form tags that can quickly get out of control. We recommend grouping tags wherever appropriate; tags without groups are also supported and are equally powerful for searching and creating filters.

Hierarchical tags allow users to create parent and child tags. This provides better categorization and improved ability to find information faster. For example, Sue's Insurance Company sells various services, such as medical insurance, auto insurance, and homeowners insurance. The company also wants to categorize the contacts to see the states where they have lived previously. In this case the tag hierarchy will look like this:

Now Sue can tag each contact based on two criteria: Services and Lived In.

Administrators can limit who can create new tags and associate tags with various objects such as Contacts, Accounts, etc. Unlike websites, where users can link blogs with any arbitrary tags, this feature provides organizations the ability to enforce a policy on tagging various objects they own.

Tags are currently available for Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Campaigns. To access tags, users can go to the bottom of the summary details page. Tags can be managed (if authorized) by clicking on the Tags link on the button bar.

3.1.1. Creating Tags

To create new Tags:

  1. Click on any application (Contact, Account, Opportunity) and then click on Tags > Add New Tag.

  1. After entering the details click Save.

  1. You will see the tags entered. You can associate this tag with contacts, accounts, opportunities, etc.

  1. To associate a tag with a contact, account, opportunity, etc:

    • Double click the item for which a tag is to be associated.

    • On the summary page, under the tags section click Add.

    • Select the tag and click Update.

    • You will see the tag added to that particular Contact, Account,

      Opportunity, etc.