15.2.3. Creating Extranet shares

Extranet shares allow administrators to share certain information from OfficeClip with users outside the OfficeClip communities. Given below are the steps for sharing various extranet items: Sharing Documents

External Extranet users can easily view folders and documents which organization administrators have created and organized for external access. As a safeguard, documents can be locked against accidental overwrite or deletion. OfficeClip users can organize folders, and securely share documents with external extranet users.

  1. Click CRM > Documents.

  1. Select a document you want to share by check-marking the document and clicking on the Share button at the bottom.

  2. Give a share name and select whether you want to make a public link (web link) or secured link.

    1. If web link is selected, then click on the Create Share button go to the next screen.

  1. If secured link is selected, enter or select the user that you want to share the document with and click on Create Share.

  1. The URL for the share is shown. Click on the Check Url link to make sure that this URL is accessible from outside your firewall.

  1. If you want to let others know about this share, type their email address. If the outgoing email needs modification, click on the Edit Email Content link to personalize the email.

  2. Finally, click on the Done button. Sharing Reports

External users can securely access a variety of reports.

For the detailed description of sharing reports, click here. Issue Tracker: Web Forms

Web form allows external users to submit issues that can be managed using the OfficeClip issue tracker.

The Web Forms in Extranet are similar to Web Forms in Issue Tracker. For the detailed description of Web Forms, click here.