Chapter 15. Extranet

Table of Contents

15.1. Overview
15.2. Understanding Extranet
15.2.1. Managing Extranet Users
15.2.2. Manage New or Existing Users
15.2.3. Creating Extranet shares Sharing Documents Sharing Reports Issue Tracker: Web Forms
15.2.4. Testing Extranet

15.1. Overview

Extranet allows limited access to OfficeClip information for partners and service providers and can serve as a support portal for customers. Two kinds of access to the Extranet are possible:

  • Public access: Allows access to OfficeClip information to anybody by providing them with a web page URL (Universal Resource Locator, i.e., the web address in this case). No password is required to view this information.

  • Secured Access: Allows the OfficeClip organization administrators to set a login id and password for the user that accesses the extranet. This allows secured access to a limited part of the OfficeClip information.