14.3.2. Inbox/Outbox Portlet

When you log in with your credentials, you can view the dashboard displaying the list of approved, rejected, or saved expenses. Pending items are listed in outbox.

  1. To view or edit the detailed expenses, click on the view/edit icon. Approved expenses cannot be edited; only expenses with Saved status can be modified. This can be done by updating the expense details, comments, or adding new attachments. You can view the workflow history in the edit screen if the administrator has enabled the feature. To view a printer-friendly screen of the expense, click on the printer icon.

  2. You can delete expenses by selecting the checkbox of a particular item and clicking Delete.

  3. To maintain a manageable number of expense sheets in your Inbox, you can archive approved expenses by selecting them and clicking the Archive button.

  4. If you are the approver of expenses, you see the Bulk Approve button. Select the expenses you want to approve using the checkboxes and click the Bulk Approve button.

  5. This button is not visible for users who do not have the privilege of approving expenses. You can approve your own expenses if you have been given the privilege.