14.3.4. Generating Expense Reports

The OfficeClip reports module provides a way of creating and managing reports online. The user can generate a variety of expense reports. They are described here: Expense Reports

  • Expense Details Report- Detailed information regarding the amount spent by each employee on various Expenses.

  • Employee Profitability by Project- Creates a total cost report based on expenses and hours worked within a date range.

  • Expense Summary- Summary of Expenses based on the Amount spent on each Expense type.

  • Expense Types- List of Expense types.

  • Reimbursements- List of Reimbursements. Other Reports

  • General Reports- Contains general reports developed by OfficeClip.

  • Custom Reports- Contains custom reports that are created by the OfficeClip development team.

Reports can be generated based on different parameters. Depending on the needs of the company, they can be generated based on date of a project, profitability of a project, expenditure incurred in a project, etc. Creating Reports

To create new Reports:

Click HRM > Expense > Reports > New Report.

The reports created in Expenses are similar to the reports created in Timesheet. To understand the detailed description of all the report features, click here. Viewing Reports

To view Reports:

  • Click HRM > Expense > Reports.

  • You can see the list of reports. Click on the report you want to view.

  • You can also Edit, Delete,Copy, Share, Schedule and Change Permissions of the reports with these icons from the Actions column.

  • All reports can be exported to various formats like Adobe PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc) and Microsoft Excel (.xls). Click on a report and then select a format from the toolbar and click Export to preview the report.

  • To see the detailed description of how to edit, delete, change permission, etc. click here. Scheduled Reports

Reports can be scheduled so that they can be run at predetermined times and emailed to OfficeClip Users. To view the Scheduled reports click on the Scheduled reports icon above the list of reports.

  • To schedule reports, click on the Schedule icon in the Actions column.

  • Enter scheduling details for your report: daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Enter the email address of the person to whom the report is to be sent and the report format.

  • After finishing, click Save.

  • To enter a New Schedule, Click Clear Schedule to delete the old Report Schedule. Shared Reports

These reports are shared with the extranet users, who can only view reports in a restricted fashion (based on the filters they have been permitted to use). Shared reports can empower your customers, partners, and service providers to create reports for their specific needs based on the data they are allowed to access. To view the Shared reports click on the Shared reports icon above the list of reports.

To share a report, click on the icon on the report row in the Actions column

To see the detailed description of how to share reports, click here.