14.3.3. Exporting Expenses

Expenses can be exported to MS Excel format (CSV) for reporting; both individual expenses and bulk expenses can be exported.

To Export the Expenses in MS Excel Format: CSV (Individual Expense)

  • In this option, you can generate an expense report for a given user for a specific time period.

  • You can select the details to be included in the report. Choose the Date Range and select the Users using the checkbox, and click Continue.

  • Click Select all to select all users at a time or click Clear all to clear the selections.

  • You can see the details of your Individual Expense Export.

  • If there is no expense sheet, the following message is displayed There is no expense in the system for the selected period. CSV (Bulk Expense)

  • To export expense details for multiple users to a comma separated (CSV) file, select the CSV (Bulk Expense) link. Here, there is a provision for exporting only Approved Expenses. Choose the date range, select the users, and click Continue.

  • In the following screen you can rename the fields and move the fields as you wish them to appear in the report. Clickorbutton to move the fields up or down the list, which will determine their order in the Excel sheet. In the top section, select the checkbox if you want the column names to appear as the first row in the Excel sheet. Click Export to view or save as an Excel file.

This screen also allows a user to download the Offline Timesheet & Expense module that allows the expenses to be entered when the user is not connected online.