Chapter 14. Expenses

Table of Contents

14.1. Overview
14.2. Understanding OfficeClip Expenses
14.2.1. Currency
14.3. Using Expense
14.3.1. Creating an Expense
14.3.2. Inbox/Outbox Portlet
14.3.3. Exporting Expenses CSV (Individual Expense) CSV (Bulk Expense)
14.3.4. Generating Expense Reports Expense Reports Other Reports Creating Reports Viewing Reports Scheduled Reports Shared Reports
14.3.5. Archiving Expenses
14.3.6. Reimbursements
14.3.7. Searching Expenses
14.4. Expense Administration
14.4.1. Adding Expense Types
14.4.2. Editing Fields to Create Aliases
14.4.3. Setting up Expense Profiles
14.4.4. Setting up Expense Workflow
14.4.5. Setting up Default Currency
14.4.6. Managing User's Expense sheets Rerouting Expense sheets
14.4.7. Allocating Projects
14.4.8. Allocate User
14.4.9. Users

14.1. Overview

OfficeClip Expenses are records of cost incurred from work-related tasks such as travel, supplies, lodging, food, etc. In the normal workflow, expenses are entered by employees, then approved by their supervisor, and finally reimbursed by the accounts. Users may also receive a cash advance that is adjusted with the payment.

The Timesheet and Expense link shows the status of all the expenses that are submitted for your approval, pending approval, rejected, etc., allowing you to take action quickly on the ones that need your attention.

[Tip] Tip

In OfficeClip, Timesheet and Expense are available as two separate modules packaged together in one application. If your organization is interested in a single module, you can easily disable the other module.