14.4. Expense Administration

The Expense application must be configured in the same manner as timesheets. Administering the Expense application includes setting up the system for the users, setting up customer accounts and projects, creating users and allocating them to projects, customizing the expense sheets of users based on expense types, and setting up currency.

14.4.1. Adding Expense Types

Expense types are the types of expenses incurred by a user involved in a project. You can customize your expense types by giving them specific names, which are displayed in the expense type column of the New Expense screen.

To add an expense type:

  1. Click HRM > Expense > Admin > Expense Types.

  1. In the template, select the Expense Type from the pre-defined types and type in the name for the expense type in the Expense Namefield. The name appears on the new export report.

  2. Select the Details Required check box if you want the user to provide the details of the expenses in the expense report.

  3. Select the check box in the Is Billable column to make the expense billable. To modify an existing expense type, select the corresponding item in the Billable Modify column.

  4. Click on the cross mark if you want to delete any expenses.

  5. Click Save & Next.