13.2.8. Email Options

From here, you can set up various features of your email within OfficeClip, such as your signature, reply settings and other general options for better managing emails.

  1. Users can configure several email options by clicking Options on the button bar within Email.

  2. Select the General Email Options link to setup the Compose Email option, the Default Account for sending email and to save a copy of sent mail. Press Save when finished.

  1. You can customize your mailing lists by clicking the Mailing List link and selecting a group of email addresses to correspond to a mailing list. Press Save when finished.

  2. You can block senders by clicking the Block Sender link and typing in the email address to block, then pressing Save. You can unblock an email address by clicking the Remove button. Click Finished when you are done.

  1. You can create rules for emails and folders by clicking the Organize link. Use the Conditions and Actions to process new email messages. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order in which the rules are applied. Click Save when done or Cancel to exit without saving.

  1. You can add your signature by clicking the Signature link and then typing your signature information in the box. Press Save when finished.

  2. You can set your reply settings by clicking the Reply Settings link. This screen allows you to choose whether to include original content when relying and, if so, how it should be separated. You can also set a reply-to address. Press Save when finished.