13.2.4. Creating Email Accounts

You can setup any number of POP accounts and access them in one place. For an example of how OfficeClip works with Yahoo!, see Working with Various Email Servers below.

[Note] Note

From the Account List, users can also edit and delete accounts.

  1. To set up an account, click on the Account List from the button bar within Email. Click Setup New Account.

  1. Enter your account name, your Incoming Mail server and Outgoing Mail server names.

  2. Choose a mode of Send Only, Receive Only or Send and Receive.

  3. Your user name for your external mail account is the first part of your external mail address (before the '@' sign).

  1. Your password is what you use to access you POP email. This is not necessarily your OfficeClip password.

  2. The color scheme lets you distinguish messages retrieved from different external mail accounts.

  1. Outgoing email uses your SMTP server to send mails. If you need SMTP server authentication to send emails, check the Outgoing Email server needs authentication option. You can also choose Use same settings as incoming mail server by checking the box.

[Note] Note

If you check the Leave a copy of the message on the server option, the emails will not be removed from the server after they are downloaded by OfficeClip. If OfficeClip emails are removed from the Deleted Folder, these emails will again be reloaded from the server.