Chapter 13. Email

Table of Contents

13.1. Overview
13.2. Using Email
13.2.1. Accessing Email
13.2.2. Composing Emails
13.2.3. View Email
13.2.4. Creating Email Accounts
13.2.5. Working with Various Email Servers Yahoo! Mail Plus account Google Mail account
13.2.6. Email Folders
13.2.7. Searching Email
13.2.8. Email Options

13.1. Overview

The OfficeClip Email application lets you access email from your POP accounts.

You can set up any number of POP accounts and check your messages in one place.

With OfficeClip Email, users can:

  • Set up mailing lists

  • Enable email blocking and filtering

  • Organize folders with configurable rules

  • Create an email signature file

  • Utilize reply options