12.2.3. Uploading Documents

You can upload documents of a variety of file types, such as MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe PDF, etc. into the OfficeClip Documents application. All users in the organization can see the documents by default, although their access to the documents can be modified by the administrator.

  1. To upload a document to OfficeClip, click Upload Document from the button bar within Documents.

  1. You may upload as many as six files at a time. Directly enter the desired file names or select Choose File, which will open a popup window to allow you to choose the file from the location folders. Select the file and click Open.

  2. Select a destination folder by clicking Browse.

  3. The selected destination is now be displayed in the Destination Folder box.

  4. Choose additional safety options. You may select the checkboxes for Warn if the document is already present in the folder, as well as If document is not locked by me, create a new version.

[Note] Note

When uploading, if an existing file version is already in the system and the checkbox labeled If Document is not locked by me, create a new version is checked, it allows multiple revisions to be stored. Both the original version (Rev 1) and the new version (Rev 2) will be stored.

  1. The storage details are also displayed at the bottom. Click Upload when finished.