12.2.5. Sharing Documents

The Documents module allows you to share documents with Extranet users, who have limited access to OfficeClip. You control from this screen only shared Document Items, making it easy to manage and make changes. View Share

To view and make changes to the Shared documents:

  1. Click the Shared Documents button from the button bar.

  1. You can now see all documents that are currently shared.

  2. If you want to delete one or many shared items completely, click on the Edit link and then click on the Remove button.

  3. To email the document, click on the icon.

  4. If you want to stop sharing the documents with the users, click Deactivate. Create Share

To share documents:

  1. From a folder select the document to be shared by check-marking it, then click on the share icon.

  2. Give a share name and select whether you want to make a public link (web link) or secured link.

    1. If web link is selected, then click on the Create Share button go to the next screen.

  1. If secured link is selected, enter or select the user that you want to share the document with and click on Create Share.

  1. The URL for the share is shown. Click on the Check Url link to make sure that this URL is accessible from outside your firewall.

  1. If you want to let others know about this share, type their email address. If the outgoing email needs modification, click on the Edit Email Content link to personalize the email.

  2. Finally, click on the Done button.