12.2.4. Moving and Copying Documents and Folders

You can move or copy folders and documents, which can be very helpful in organizing and managing documents and folders for a project. Documents can be moved or copied into folders and one folder can be easily moved or copied into another folder.

  1. To move or copy a document or folder, first select the checkbox next to the relevant document name from the main Documents screen and then click the Copy or Move button at the bottom of the document list.

  1. Select the destination folder by clicking Browse.

  2. Choose the appropriate option :

    1. Do not continue if an error or warning is found, or

    2. If a file of same name exists, create a new revision.

  3. Click the Move or Copy button or press Cancel to exit the screen without taking the action.

  4. You will be taken to the final Move/Copy screen, where you can see the results of the file operation.