Chapter 12. Documents

Table of Contents

12.1. Overview
12.2. Using Documents
12.2.1. Accessing Documents Document Attributes
12.2.2. Creating Folders
12.2.3. Uploading Documents
12.2.4. Moving and Copying Documents and Folders
12.2.5. Sharing Documents View Share Create Share
12.2.6. Modifying Documents/Folders Deleting Documents and Folders Renaming Documents and Folders Downloading Documents Locking and Unlocking Documents Changing Permissions
12.2.7. Searching Documents
12.3. Administration of Documents
12.3.1. Application Documents

12.1. Overview

In OfficeClip Documents application, users can store, publish, distribute and organize documents with an interface that is similar to Windows Explorer and easy to use. Users can also move and copy documents between folders, search for documents, and rename documents and folders.

In addition, group administrators can administer group permissions, manage and delete group documents and perform bulk uploads.