11.3. Using Contacts

This section describes ways to use the Contacts application effectively.

To Open Contacts:

From the left toolbar click CRM and then click Contacts.

If the Welcome screen shows up the very first time, click on the checkbox on the left side labelled Don't show next time and then open the Contacts application again.

11.3.1. Creating New Contact

This screen allows you to enter all the details associated with a new contact such as name, organization, address, email, phone number, and so forth.

To create a new Contact:

  1. Click CRM > Contacts > New Contact on the top menu.

  2. You can enter all the details in the New Contacts screen.

  1. In the field Company name there is an icon. After you click this icon a pop-up window appears; you can select an existing Company Name or enter a new company name from this screen.

  2. Select the Parent account from the right column of the screen. Parent account is name of the account associated with the contact.

  3. Click Save after you finish entering the details.