11.3.11. Call List

Call List can be created for each contact. Call List reminds users to call the contact at pre-determined intervals, thereby keeping in constant touch with the contact. Daily Call List

To keep track of Leads and Contacts, OfficeClip provides a mechanism for using a daily call list. A Daily Call List helps sales personnel get in touch with their customers and prospects regularly. Creating Call List

Follow these steps to create a new Daily Call List:

  1. From the Contact List, click on the Contact Details icon or double-click the contact for which a call list is to be created.

  2. In the contact summary screen, on the right side locate the section for Call List.

  1. Click on Set; the Set Call List screen comes up.

  1. You can either select weekly schedule or enter up to three fixed dates.

  2. Click on Save.

  3. You can see the call list created in the Call List section.

  1. To change a call list schedule, click on the Edit button in the Call List, make necessary changes and Click Save. Using Call List

To use the Daily Call List:

  • Click CRM > Contacts > Call List

  • This screen allows you to view today's call list (as well as missed calls in the past). To check future calls, change the drop-down from Daily to Future.

  • Under the actions column you can:

  • Go to Contact Details screen to take further action

  • Remove this Contact from the Daily Call List

  • Add a Note to the Contact

  • Add an Event to the Contact

  • Add a Task to the Contact