Chapter 11. Contacts

Table of Contents

11.1. Overview
11.2. Understanding OfficeClip CRM
11.2.1. CRM Components
11.3. Using Contacts
11.3.1. Creating New Contact
11.3.2. Bulk Options
11.3.3. Contact List
11.3.4. Viewing Contact Details Tools Menu New Menu
11.3.5. Using Related Information Activities Campaigns Notes Issues Emails Documents Relations
11.3.6. Export Contacts
11.3.7. Print
11.3.8. Add Picture
11.3.9. Links to Social networking sites
11.3.10. Tags
11.3.11. Call List Daily Call List Creating Call List Using Call List
11.3.12. Extranet
11.3.13. Editing Contacts Modify button Clone button Delete button
11.3.14. Permission and Ownership of Contacts Permission of Contacts Ownership of Contacts
11.3.15. Searching and Filtering Contacts Search and Sort Filters
11.3.16. Reports Category : Contacts Category: Organization Category: Project Creating Reports Viewing Reports Scheduled Reports Shared Reports
11.3.17. Syncing Contacts Importing Contacts Exporting Contacts Google Sync Synchronization Direction Synchronization Policy Synchronization Status Outlook Sync
11.4. Contacts Administration
11.4.1. Icons
11.4.2. Fixed Fields Configuring List Fields
11.4.3. Custom Fields Field Type Required Fields Restricting a Field Edit-ability by Role
11.4.4. Related Info
11.4.5. Web Forms
11.4.6. Rules On Screen Fields Workflow Rules Access Rules
11.4.7. Customize Screen
11.4.8. Relations
11.4.9. Manage Duplicates

11.1. Overview

OfficeClip CRM is a full-featured Customer Relationship Manager that can manage details of your Contacts, Customers, Partners and Service Providers. It also keeps track of all associated information like relationships, notes, documents, tasks and appointments.