10.3.6. Using Related Information

This section will describe how to use the various related information that are associated with the Competitor application.

We can see information like Activities, Notes, Documents, etc. on the Competitor Summary Screen as well. Notes

In Competitors, click on the icon of a competitor and click Notes.

In this section, we can see the notes which are already created.

To create new notes, click on New Note.

To see more details about new notes, click here. Documents

Relevant Documents can be attached to a competitor, allowing for important information to be easily accessed from one place.

In Competitors, click on the icon of a competitor and click Documents to upload files, create a shortcut or create a web link.

This feature allows three kinds of documents to be attached to the Competitors. Upload File

These files can be uploaded from the local disk and will stay with the Competitor. These files are removed when the competitor is deleted.

  • To Upload a file, Click Upload File.

  • You can drag and drop a file from your windows explorer application or you can click the Select button and choose the file from the desired location.

  • You can upload more than one file; click the Select button and click Upload. New Shortcut

This allows a link to be created from the OfficeClip Document Management application and helps keep common documents for all competitors in one place.

To create a Shortcut, click New Shortcut.

  • All the folders and files from the OfficeClip Document Manager will be shown.

  • Select a file or a folder and click Create Shortcut.

  • A new shortcut will appear on the document widget. Web Documents

Web documents are URL links to the documents in the web. Relevant web links can be stored with the opportunities.

  • To create a Web Link, click New Web Document.

  • Copy and paste a public URL here. This could be from Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive or any other public document.

  • Give a name to the document and click Create Web Link.

  • The document will show up in the document widget. Activities

Activities consist of Tasks and Events.


To create a New Task:

  1. In Competitors, click on the icon of a competitor to add new tasks.

  2. Click Activities > New Task.

  1. Fill in the necessary details like the subject for task, status, duration dates, ownership of task etc. and click Create.

  2. Once the task is created, you can also Update, Delete, Cancel and Track Time for the given task.


Events help us to create and manage appointments.

To create a New Event:

  1. In Competitors, click on the icon of a competitor to add new events.

  2. Click Activities > New Event.

  1. Enter the details like Event type, name, the start and end time of the event, you can also add attendees (attendees can be from your own organization or the external users), you can also set reminders, select timezone etc.

  2. After finishing, click Save.

When you click on Activities, you will be able to see the Events as well as the Tasks entered.