9.3.6. Mail Merge Campaigns

This feature allows you to open a mail merge campaign in MS Word.

[Note] Note

To create and use Mail-Merge campaigns, the Word add-in for OfficeClip needs to be installed. This add-in allows creation of mail-merge campaigns by selecting OfficeClip contact fields and then uses Word mail-merge to create letters. Please refer to the Word add-in for OfficeClip help file for more detail.

To Mail-Merge Campaigns:

  1. Click CRM > Campaigns > Mail-Merge Campaign List

  1. This will show a list of mail-merge campaigns that are created using the Word add-in for OfficeClip.

  2. To create a new mail-merge campaign, click on the New Mail Merge Campaign button.

  3. Choose either Open or Save from the pop-up dialogue box, depending on whether you want to open the campaign directly in Microsoft Word ® or just save it locally. Once saved, it can be opened in Microsoft Word ® by double-clicking on it.

[Note] Note

In order to edit a mail-merge campaign, Microsoft Word ® should be installed on the system.