Chapter 9. Campaigns

Table of Contents

9.1. Overview
9.2. Understanding OfficeClip Campaigns
9.3. Using Campaigns
9.3.1. Campaigns List
9.3.2. New Campaigns
9.3.3. Campaign Design
9.3.4. Viewing Campaigns
9.3.5. Sending Campaigns
9.3.6. Mail Merge Campaigns
9.3.7. Export Campaigns
9.3.8. Print
9.3.9. Campaign Tags
9.4. Campaign Administration
9.4.1. Icons
9.4.2. Fixed Fields Configuring List Fields
9.4.3. Custom Fields
9.4.4. Related Info
9.4.5. Customize Screen
9.4.6. Relations

9.1. Overview

Campaigns are the informative and promotional mails you send to potential prospects about your products and services. The Campaigns application helps you to manage bulk emails to your existing customers and can save the time of your staff. This application allows you to create HTML, text, or MS Word-based campaigns. You can keep track of the sent mails and the time they were received.