Chapter 8. Calendar

Table of Contents

8.1. Overview
8.2. Accessing and Using Calendar
8.2.1. Creating Events Additional Options
8.2.2. Accepting RSVP's
8.2.3. Agenda
8.2.4. Import and Export Calendar Importing Calendar Export Calendar
8.2.5. Syncing Calendar Google Sync
8.2.6. Shared Calendar
8.3. Administration of the Calendar
8.3.1. Managing Labels
8.3.2. Resource Management
8.3.3. Organization Profile
8.3.4. Personal Profile

8.1. Overview

OfficeClip Calendar can be used to create and review group events, personal events, appointments, deadlines, and other items posted by you or other users in your organization. Group events can be viewed by all group users; personal events are marked with a red bullet and can only be seen by you. Meetings are viewed by users, organizers and attendees. You may choose to view events for a specific group, all groups, or your own personal events.