8.3.2. Resource Management

Resources can refer to meeting rooms, a company car, a computer lab, etc. depending on the type of company you have, and the administrator can manage these resources for the group.

  1. To manage resources, click Admin on the button bar within Calendar.

  2. Under Resource Management, click Add New Resource to include new resources. Fill in the fields as applicable and click Save when finished or Cancel to exit the screen without saving.

[Note] Note

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to be filled in.

  1. Click Maintain Resources on the Resource Management screen to update and edit current resources. Click the icon to modify the resource or click the icon to delete the resource. From this screen you can also enter a new resource by clicking the Add New Resource button.

  2. Once you have finished editing the current resources, click Update or click Cancel to leave the screen and not save the changes.

  3. Click Grant/Revoke Resource Access Rights for Groups on the Resource Management screen if you wish to change the access privileges for a certain resource. This is useful if you want only specified groups to be able to use a certain meeting room, company vehicle, etc.

  4. To give and revoke access, move the organization between the Available Organizations box to the Organizations with Access box by clicking the < and > boxes.

  5. Click Cancel to exit the screen without saving any changes.