8.3.4. Personal Profile

The administrator can set user preferences here, such as the view of the calendar in the main calendar screen and the default status to show on the calendar.

Calendar Proxy allows you to assign other group users as proxies who can create events on your behalf. These users can view all of the events with which you are associated, including private events. This feature enables an executive to have an assistant schedule his daily activities. By granting proxy access to the Calendar, the executive gives the assistant the ability to create both private and group events and schedule meetings on his/her behalf.

  1. Click on the Admin menu within Calendar.

  2. Click User Preferences under Personal Profile to adjust aspects such as Default Calendar View (Day, Month, etc), as well as Default Status.

  1. Click Save when finished or Cancel to exit without saving.

  2. Under Personal Profile, click Set who can use your calendar in your behalf (Proxy).

  1. You can select the group user whom you wish to give responsibility for managing your calendar events. You can also select to give selected users Read Only access by checking the box.

  2. Press Update when finished or press Cancel.