8.2.5. Syncing Calendar Google Sync

OfficeClip Calendar entries can be synchronized with Google Calendar. Click on the Google Sync icon to enter your Google email address and password. Next select the folders with which you want to synchronize.

[Tip] Tip

Synchronizing with the Google default contact folder and default calendar is not advised. This recommendation is meant to keep OfficeClip information separated from other personal information in Google. Synchronization Direction

OfficeClip allows one-way and bidirectional synchronization. One-way synchronization allows one system (either OfficeClip or Google) to be the master and the other system to act as slave. Any changes in the master system will be updated in the slave but not vice versa. Synchronization Policy

The synchronization policy determines when the same record is changed in both Google and OfficeClip, and which one will be given priority. You can either choose if Google overwrites OfficeClip or OfficeClip overwrites Google.

Also when an item is deleted in one system, you can decide whether the same item will be deleted in the other system.

[Caution] Caution

You may want to keep the deleted item option unchecked to protect each system from inadvertent deletion of information. For example, removing contacts from your Google account should not remove shared contacts from OfficeClip. Synchronization Status

This allows automatic synchronization in the background. Clicking on the button Reset Sync resets the entire synchronization table. This means that the next time synchronization is attempted, the algorithm will examine each record and attempt to determine which record in one system matches with the record in other system (comparing the values of the fields).

[Note] Note

Reset Data should be used sparingly. Use it if you think that the synchronization is failing repeatedly. If it happens too often contact your support personnel.

Clicking on the Sync Now button executes an instant synchronization. Outlook Sync

OfficeClip calendar entries can also be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook ®. To synchronize with Outlook, you will need to install the Outlook add-in available from the OfficeClip website. The Outlook add-in works in the same way as the Google sync. Refer to the Outlook Add-in help file for details.