6.3.11. Searching and Filtering Accounts

By using Search and Filter options in the OfficeClip Accounts application, you can easily find the accounts for which you are looking. This feature allows you to search for accounts by typing in a keyword and selecting a field, such as Description. You could search for a certain word to be in the field Description and all items that match this criterion would show up in the list. This is helpful for viewing items that may be related to a certain project, time period, user, etc. without having to search through the entire list. Search and Sort

Search and Sort in Accounts is similar to Search and Sort in Contacts. To see the detailed description, click here Filters

The Filters option allows you to create a customized search based on selected criteria that you define. After a filter is created, it is saved for future use. Filters allow you to save time by creating a category to sort through your accounts and the fields you want to filter.

The filter created in Accounts is similar to the filter created in Contacts. To see the detailed description of how to create a filter, click here.