Chapter 6. Accounts

Table of Contents

6.1. Overview
6.2. Understanding OfficeClip Accounts
6.3. Using Accounts
6.3.1. Creating a New Account
6.3.2. Bulk Options
6.3.3. Accounts List
6.3.4. Editing Accounts
6.3.5. Viewing Account Details Tools Menu New Menu
6.3.6. Using Related Information Notes Activities Documents Contacts Opportunities Invoices
6.3.7. Export Accounts
6.3.8. Print
6.3.9. Account Tags
6.3.10. Permission and Ownership of Accounts Permission of Accounts Ownership of Accounts
6.3.11. Searching and Filtering Accounts Search and Sort Filters
6.3.12. Reports Category : Accounts Category: Organization Category: Project Creating Reports Viewing Reports Scheduled Reports Shared Reports
6.3.13. Import/Export Accounts Importing Accounts Exporting Accounts
6.4. Accounts Administration
6.4.1. Icons
6.4.2. Fixed Fields Configuring List Fields
6.4.3. Custom Fields
6.4.4. Related Info
6.4.5. Rules On Screen Fields Workflow Rules Access Rules
6.4.6. Customize Screen
6.4.7. Relations

6.1. Overview

OfficeClip Accounts is a full-featured account tracking and reporting application for managing accounts, tasks, appointments, issues, campaigns, documents, and time associated with an account. It provides a convenient way to track customers, clients, and partners associated with your business.

To enter this application:

Click CRM > Accounts.

The Account List screen displays all of the accounts that have been entered for your organization. Organization administrators can modify the fields that are displayed on this list.