Chapter 2. About OfficeClip

Table of Contents

2.1. The OfficeClip Components
2.1.1. Desktop
2.1.2. Contacts
2.1.3. Issue Tracker
2.1.4. Timesheet and Expenses
2.1.5. Projects
2.1.6. Extranet

OfficeClip is a web-based application that provides an integrated solution for better management of your contacts, customers, projects and employees. OfficeClip facilitates information tracking and sharing in a manner that is relevant to your organization. One of the striking features of OfficeClip is that it provides an interface for interacting with all the different types of people that are related to your

business, both internal and external.

2.1. The OfficeClip Components

The OfficeClip application consists of the following components, which centralize and organize the office operations:

  • Office Portal

  • Desktop

  • Contacts

  • Issue Tracker

  • Time and Expenses

  • Projects

  • Setup

  • Extranet

Each OfficeClip component works as a self-contained, independent unit, offering unique features for the administrator and the user. These components can be created and managed by the administrator/creator, who can also set permissions for other users.

2.1.1. Desktop

The Desktop component is used for managing your tasks, schedule, e-mail, announcements, notes, users and documents.

2.1.2. Contacts

Contacts is an important component, used for managing all your business contacts, customers, competitors and service providers for tracking business opportunities, and for running e-mail campaigns targeting your contacts.

2.1.3. Issue Tracker

The Issue Tracker helps increase your efficiency by allowing you to track unresolved problems with your or customer's projects. Dynamic functionality makes the issue tracker both flexible and detailed.

2.1.4. Timesheet and Expenses

The Timesheet and Expenses component is used for tracking the attendance of the users of an organization. The Timesheet feature is integrated with the Projects component so that users can track the time they spend on projects. The expense feature keeps track of project and employee expenses. An offline component allows users who are off-site to track time and upload it to OfficeClip.

2.1.5. Projects

You can use the Projects component to manage all your organization's projects, including assigning users to projects, and track their progress.

2.1.6. Extranet

The Extranet component is used to make information from your OfficeClip database available to an audience that is not a part of OfficeClip. Just as in the other components, OfficeClip allows you to control who accesses the information.

Extranet allows limited access to OfficeClip information for partners and service providers and can serve as a support portal for customers. Two kinds of access to the Extranet are possible: Public access - by providing a web page URL; and Secured access - by setting a login id and password to access information in OfficeClip.